Why Fortinet?

Finding new and upcoming talent is a critical part of our success story at Fortinet. If you are motivated, smart and talented, a lack of work experience is not a problem. The best part of starting your career at Fortinet is we will train you! At Fortinet, you will have access to the best and brightest of technical mentors. We have specialized, internally driven new grad training programs and most importantly, a variety of interesting assignments to learn from. We consistently hire 50+ new grads on an annual basis primarily within R&D and Technical Support in multiple countries around the world.

Meet some of our grads


Following the completion of his PhD in Network Security and High Speed Router Design, Masa joined Fortinet as an ASIC Design Engineer 4 years ago. While design work was his primary role, Masa was provided the opportunity to work on drivers and software, areas he was not fully versed in. As a Senior ASIC Design Engineer today, Masa reflects on his earlier days and is truly grateful for Fortinet giving him hands-on experience in different areas to broaden his skillset and the willingness of senior engineers to share their technical knowledge.


Chris was hired as a Business Development Intern during college and was involved with everything from lead generation, cold calling, to sales operations. His drive coupled with approachable and supportive senior leaders enabled Chris to think outside the box and exceed expectations. His progression mirrors the progression of Fortinet. Presently, Chris has transitioned into a sales role, where he is supporting three national partners.


The technologies at Fortinet are what attracted Mark to apply for a new grad development role. Since joining the web team just over a year ago, Mark has already progressed to a senior contributor with more responsibilities and beginning to take on a leadership role. In his own words, Mark believes Fortinet has done it right, providing hands on experience from the very beginning. He started off with simple bug fixes and small features, and slowly worked his way to more complex cases.

"As a new grad out of school, I’m thrilled that I chose to start my career at Fortinet. With innovative technology, great people, and challenging problems to solve, it has been an exciting place to work that has allowed me to grow as a developer."


As an Anti-Virus Analyst, Christy is involved with reverse engineering and malware analysis, concepts that are not necessarily taught in school. As a result, Fortinet has developed a 3 month training program for AV Analysts to learn the fundamentals on malware and provide hands-on learning. It is this program that attracted Christy to the role and to Fortinet. She attributes her ability to dig deeper into malware, to her managers as they have always been very supportive. This has led her to presenting a paper at VB2013 in Germany last fall.

"Teamwork is something I embrace at Fortinet; I enjoy working with my teammates, all towards a common goal."